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Transporter Authority Regulations.

Tarantulabarn Group is the holder of a Type 2 UK Animal Transporter Authority Certificate, number UK/REIGA/T2/000888346
which is registered at the Reigate Animal Health District Office.

This authority allows the company to transport live animals for commercial purposes on long journeys of over eight hours within the UK and Europe, subject to current regulations.

You don't need a transport authority if your taking your pet to or from a vet, or if you are being paid to do so.
You don't need one if you are travelling with your own pets.
You DO need one if you are transporting live animals and take a payment for the service, even if the payment is only a contribution to your costs.


How we keep records.

There are many subsections of the 'Welfare in Transport' regulations that apply in different conditions.

Under the most stringent subsections, the following applies.

  • Drivers should be competent in the care of the animals on board.
  • Vehicles and or containers should be approved.
  • Records should be kept showing loading and unloading times.
  • Records should be kept regarding welfare interactions
  • Animal Transport certificates should be issued.
  • Routes should be planned in advance
  • Emergency alternatives should be available
  • Access to vet treatment should be available.

Animalcourier accept that not all the above applies to all animals, but take pride in meeting these stringent regulations for all our wards..

Our drivers are experienced animal keepers who have had interaction with many species.

Animals are accepted for transport in recognised containers, such as secure tubs or bags. We carry these on board in case. These are then placed in thermal containers widely used within the animal industry, or if more suitable, the animal is place in an industry standard carry container.

All our jobs are fully recorded in advance, hence why we ask you to complete a form prior to transport. Journey times are recorded on these documents

All animals are given welfare support appropriate to the species. For example, a snake will be provided with gentle warmth, and be visually checked every few hours. Rodents will be supplied water at all times, and food after 4 hours.
In any case, any interaction is recorded in duplicate.

Upon arrival, your new pet is handed over for checking along with an Animal Transport Certificate, which contains all the records from the trip.

We close booking in advance of each trip, and then route the vehicle in the most efficient way. We then make contact with both the collection and delivery points to ensure both are ready for our arrival. Our trip is checked via the AA and Routemaster software prior to leaving. We the use Sat Nav equipment to ensure swift movement.

We do have contacts in place that allow for emergency repairs, replacement vehicles and overnight animal friendly locations that we can call upon if needed.

We have an established and experienced vet that we use who is part of a larger group of vets. In emergency we can obtain contact details for suitable vets in the area local to our vehicle.

Its not always possible to foresee all possible delays or problems, but we belive with the experiance and backup we have, we can deal with most issues as they happen. Our Drivers are not 'out there alone'.