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Our Prices.

Many couriers will quote you a price simply based on mileage. Others may price your job at a flat rate, no matter how far. Others still will price it on size.

At, we have a whole range of vehicles, from cars up to Large Lutons, all covered to carry out courier work. Some jobs are dedicated, others are co loads, and others may be back loads.

We don,t believe in a 'one size fits all' policy.

We strongly believe that each animal is deserving of a care package to suit them, and that one customer does not subsidise another, but that all customers contribute a fair amount to the total costs.

You will find however, that on the whole, prices reflect the geographical regions and change only according to the specific requirements.

Prices therefore can vary depending on:

  • The distance and location.
  • Size of the total load (ie. animals and or equipment)
  • Type of vehicle needed
  • Time involved in the job
  • Type of animal.

In order to get a personalised quote for your specific requirements, please use one of the contact methods listed on the CONTACT US page. Any quotes supplied are based on a co-load run, unless stated otherwise.

It should be noted that ANY job that results in an animal being in transit (on the go with a rest of less than 24 hours in an Animal Health approved resting place) for MORE than eight hours MUST only be carried by a TYPE 2 authorised transporter under current UK legislation


How to book.

Once you have contacted us with a brief outline of your requirements, we will either need to contact you to gain further information, or will be able to provide a quotation and confirmation of the dates.

Then, if you decide to go ahead, let us know with all the info needed such as your details, the collection address details, details of the animals and contact numbers for all involved.