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An Introduction.

Animalcourier.co.uk is part of 'Tarantulabarn' group of businesses, now a wholly owned family business. With over 20 years driving experience, from bikes up to 22' curtain siders, and passenger transports, our drivers are well adapted to distance and commercial travel.

Using transport experience gained in the 90s whilst running a Same day courier company with clients such as TNT, Hutchinson Telecom, Sky News, NHS and BASF, Reptilecourier.com builds on all that experience, and adds today's technology to produce an animal transport service second to none.

  • Selection of vehicles from Cars to Lorries.
  • Direct contact telephone numbers.
  • LIVE online GPS tracking.
  • Regular Forum updates on route.

Our investment in technology means that our customers can see where we are with their pets at a simple click of the mouse. Our LIVE GPS page is updated every five minutes to show our whereabouts, which gives a good idea of arrival times.

Notice: Due to persistent comments regarding the re-use of pet carriers and possible risks, we have reluctantly decided to cease offering the use of our carriers. We understand this may cause disruption, but are sure that a seller can find suitable carriers, even if just a box, and supply just a handful of their normal substrate. We can no longer put ourselves at risk of blame for infection or issues caused by the use of different substrates. Apologies to those who have used this service in the past and now loose out due to the actions of a few.

Updated:Dual mobile online systems allow emails and forum updates direct from the van

A passenger

Thermostatically controlled heating devices such as Heat cables and heat mats are available on all vehicles, as well as cooling fans when needed, all for your pets comfort.

We are able to provide quotes for dedicated services where we ONLY carry out your job, meaning no sharing with others and no risk of contamination.

Our Co-Load service is where all our customers pay a much reduced amount compared to the normal mileage rate, and share the cost of the vehicle between them. This may mean a slightly longer transit time, but all animals are transported in separate containers.

In line with our Transporter Authorisation, ALL animals in transit for over EIGHT hours must receive welfare checks on route and these MUST be documented, along with loading and unloading times and other consignment details.

In our efforts to provide the best care, we subject ALL our animal passengers to these strict regulations and EVERY consignment is logged in line with current Animal Heath Dept. type 2 regulations, even those with us for a short while. A Transport Certificate is provided upon each delivery.