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    26/05/2024Covering ALL mainland UK
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  • ReptilicousUser Name: Tarantulabarn Our own small reptile forum.
  • ReptileForumsUKUser Name: TarantulabarnLarge reptile forum with our own section with in the 'Shop' forum.
  • BugNationUser Name: SteveAll things creepy and crawly. Its more than a forum !
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Coming Soon....Visit our Group Home page for more services from Whats that, including Invert sales, Reptile sales, Rodent sales, Pet shop van sales, web hosting, Euro Trips, Home Delivery and a whole load more.

Vehicle Insurances

All of our vehicles are, as you would expect, covered by fully comprehensive commercial insurance, with the correct use conditions. They are also covered by comprehensive breakdown cover


Company Insurances

All divisions of the Tarantulabarn Group are covered by two main types of liability insurance.

The products we manufacture, and those we supply are both covered by a total of £1 Million Product Liability Insurance.

In addition, the company has the cover of Public Liability Insurance of £5 Million.


Goods Insurances

Animalcourier provides Goods in Transit insurance to the value of £5000 for any one claim.

We must stress that this does not cover 'ALL RISKS' to live animals, which is the standard exception within the industry.

Special 'ALL RISKS' policies for live animals are available, but cover is limited to those animals who have undergone a vet inspection prior to travel, and the cost of such insurance is prohibitive to you the customer.

We have been advised by our insurance broker that there is currently no type of 'ad hock' insurance that any underwriter will supply to cover all risks to live animals other than farm animals.

We therefore confirm that should death or injury occur to your animal whilst in transit due to a third party, such as impact, then our legal assistance cover will seek to recover the value of the animal from said third party.

We also confirm that Animalcourier will 'SELF INSURE' any single animal for its purchase price (or to a limit of £100 per animal) in the event that death or injury is the result of our negligence.

No cover is provided for illness or death due to pre existing condition, known or otherwise, or for death or injury by means other than above.